Our courses are based on over 15 years of our trading and investing experience. Not only will you learn what we do and how we do it, but why we do it.

It is very easy for any student to get lost while learning through an online course. That is why we offer free email support services to gather your feedback so we can answer your questions and at the same time to improve our courses.

Market Indices

Learn how to determine market direction and how so many stocks follow the general market.

Sectors / Industry Groups

Stocks tend to move in pack. Find out which groups of stocks are going to lead the market.


Learn what stocks to buy, when to buy, hold and sell

Hi, I’m Michael Chu

I have been investing since 2004. I have gone through two major bear markets in 2008 and 2020. My core investment principles are first to preserve capital and second to grow my portfolio.

Over the years I have constantly try new things to improve my skills. This helps me appreciate the complexity in the stock market and how to find best reward/risk scenarios.